Art Data

Art Data allows you to create 2 types of tables and 12 types of charts. Custom templates can be created to control the look of your tables and charts. Quickly populate a table or chart using our built in dataset spreadsheet or you can load a dataset from SQL Query, HTML or CSV file.

Visualization custom data source (HTML)

Note: This guide only covers Art Data v2.2.0 and above. If you haven't migrated to Art Data v2.2.0 yet, please make sure to get the latest version and complete the migration. For more information about the scope of differences between Art Data v2.2.0 and previous versions please see here.

Visualizations can have one of two different data source types: Art Data Dataset or Custom; Custom includes HTML, CSV, or SQL. This article is about the Custom > CSV data source. How do you create a Visualization from an CSV data source? We'll show you how.

The fist step is to create your CSV file and upload it to your website's server.

Next you will enter the relative path from the root to your CSV file into your Art Data Administrator > Visualizations > New > Data > Custom Data Source > Data Source content.

At runtime the Art Data component software will parse (read) the data that's stored in the CSV and transform it into an Art Data Visualization.