Sometimes a client's needs can't be filled by an out of the box solution. We can help you deliver exactly to your client's requirements!

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Quality Work

Our custom extensions are meticulously designed to function to client specification.


If you work with us you will be impressed by our attention to detail and overall professionalism.

Package Files

When we're done we'll install the extension on your site for you and provide you the package files.

Great Performance

Our work performs well in a Joomla environment and you and your clients will notice the reliability.


We have built an excellent reputation amongst our custom development clients for our quality work ethic.

Best Practices

We strictly adhere to development best practices with our extensions including all Joomla security features.

Case Studies

University Medical Search

Eric came to needing to search a MSSQL database provided by a major university and display the search information in a very specific manner according to the complex, professional standards of the medical field.

Testimonial from Eric

"I was tasked to connect to two types of databases by a major educational institution in Chicago. I was struggling to find a way to get data from an mssql database to a joomla site running PHP on mysql..."

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Funeral Interment Search

Brian contacted with a csv file of 30,000 interments belonging to a cemetery. Data including first name, last name, date of death, date of burial, cemetery section and plot numbers which needed to be able to search and provide maps so that visitors to the cemetery could locate their loved ones.

Testimonial from Brian

"Recently I needed some functionality on a client’s website that required queries from a rather large database. I wrote to Artetics to inquire about the capabilities of their extensions to accomplish my purposes...."

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