Art Slide Them All!

Art Slide Them All is a Joomla! Image slider with several nice features.


Install the extension using standard Joomla! installation procedure (Extensions -> Install/Uninstall).


Module Parameters
SliderArt Slide Them All can be used to create three different types of sliders (I.E Minimalistic, Coin Slider, Fancy Transitions)
PathThe relative path to the images you'd like to display
Container WidthThe width of your slider
Container HeightThe height of your slider
Thumbnail WidthThe width of the thumbnails
Thumbnail HeightThe height of the thumbnails
SpeedThe duration between transitions in milliseconds
LightboxThe lightbox to show when image is clicked (only works for coin slider)
Sort images byHow to sort the ordering of the images either by filename or date
Sort directionSort either ascending or descending

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