Art Data

Art Data allows you to create 2 types of tables and 12 types of charts. Custom templates can be created to control the look of your tables and charts. Quickly populate a table or chart using our built in dataset spreadsheet or you can load a dataset from SQL Query, HTML or CSV file.

Creating a Dynamic Table Visualization

Note: This guide only covers Art Data v2.2.0 and above. If you haven't migrated to Art Data v2.2.0 yet, please make sure to get the latest version and complete the migration. For more information about the scope of differences between Art Data v2.2.0 and previous versions please see here.

Visualization Input Fields

For each field listed below use the 'Value' column in your Art Data administrator component in the matching field when creating a new visualization.

Field Description Value
Type Select the type of visualization you'd like to create. There are 2 types of tables and 12 types of charts. Dynamic Table


Field Description Value
Name Give the visualization a name to help you remember it's purpose Choose a name
Published Toggle the visualization published or unpublished Published
Show Title Hide or display the title Show
Access Set the access level that is required to see the visualization Public
Description Describe the visualization to help you remember it's purpose Enter a description


Field Description Value
Source Type Select the type of data source you want to use to populate your visualization with data. 'Custom' will lead you to SQL Query, CSV File and HTML data sources. 'ArtData Dataset' will lead you to select one of your datasets which can be created from the 'data' administrator view. Custom
Source Select which custom data source you would like to use: SQL Query, CSV File or HTML. This select field will only show if you're using the 'Custom' source type. SQL Query
Source Content The source content is how to get to your custom data. If you're using an SQL Query you will enter your query here. SELECT `title`, `alias`, `created`, `hits` FROM `#__content`


Field Description Value
Template Select which of your templates to use with the visualization. Striped Table


Field Description Value
Convert Links & Images Art Data gives you to ability to convert file paths to images into image tags in your tables and convert urls to links. Automatically is the basic functionality that allows you to do this without any further setup. This select field only shows if you're creating a table visualization. No