Art Data

Art Data allows you to create 2 types of tables and 12 types of charts. Custom templates can be created to control the look of your tables and charts. Quickly populate a table or chart using our built in dataset spreadsheet or you can load a dataset from SQL Query, HTML or CSV file.

Creating a Chart Template

Note: This guide only covers Art Data v2.2.0 and above. If you haven't migrated to Art Data v2.2.0 yet, please make sure to get the latest version and complete the migration. For more information about the scope of differences between Art Data v2.2.0 and previous versions please see here.

First, the base template settings and preview will load. This is how a base template will look.

Under the "Chart" tab you can change the opacity from 0%-100% if you wish

Width and height can also be changed here. These fields take integers which represent pixels.

The background color of the chart can be changed

The axis lines color can be changed

Change how many tick lines are shown

Toggle the tick lines on or off

Change the chart template's color palette. These are the colors that are used on the bars.

You can use the "Toggle Chart Type Preview" dropdown to select what type of chart you want to use to preview the look of your template.

The percent bar template preview

Last save the template.