Art Table

Art Table is a module allowing you to insert sortable, searchable tables, multiple types of data charts for easy data presentation from data sources such as HTML tables, SQL queries and CSV files.


The Connection String field in the Art Table module administrator is used to supply the database type, host name, database name, username and password to the database which you are connecting to your Art Table.

Connection String Formatting

The Connection string is a comma delimited string of text formatted like this: databaseType,hostName,databaseName,userName,passWord

Connection String Examples

For MySQL: mysqli,localhost,my_database,my_username,my_password
For PostgreSQL: postgres8,localhost,my_database,my_username,my_password
For MSSQL: mssql,localhost,my_database,my_username,my_password

Supported Database Types

Type Database Notes
fbsql Frontbase
gladius Gladius
maxdb MaxDB
msql miniSQL
mssql MSSQL
mssqlpo MSSQL Pro
mysql MySQL
mysqli MySQLi
mysqlt MySQLt
odbc ODBC Can be used with any database with ODBC connection support
postgres PostgreSQL Provides connections to PostgreSQL databases below version 6.4
postgres64 PostgreSQL64 Provides connections to PostgreSQL version 6.4 databases
postgres7 PostgreSQL7 Provides connections to PostgreSQL version 7 databases
postgres8 PostgreSQL8 Provides connections to Postgres databases version 8 and above
sqlite SqLite
sqlitepo SqLite
sybase Sybase
sybase_ase Sybase