Art Notify Bar

Art Notify Bar is a highly configurable, FREE Joomla module for showing a notification bar across the top or bottom of your webpage. Art Notify Bar has a wide array of possible uses including displaying important information to site visitors or showcasing a product or service in a place where they are guaranteed to notice without being overly intrusive on the browsing experience.


Install the extension using standard Joomla! installation procedure (Extensions -> Install/Uninstall).


Ok, so you've installed Art Notify Bar now what do you do? Create a new module instance of type Art Notify Bar from the Joomla module manager. Place the module in the debug position of your template, hide the module title and select which menu items you'd like Art Notify Bar to display.


Configure the module using the configuration parameters listed in the table below.

Notify MessageWhat text will be inside bar. Can be HTML or just text.String [optional]"Your message here"
DelayHow long bar will be delayed, doesn't count animation time.Integer [optional]2000
Animation SpeedHow long this bar will be slided up and down.String | Integer"normal"
StyleSelect which style to use. Possible values are default, error, warning, success, custom. If you're selecting custom then you need to enter the custom CSS classname in the CSS Class field. Make sure to define your CSS class in your template's custom.css file.String""
CSS ClassYou can define own CSS class for Art Notify Bar.String""
CloseIf set to true close button will be displayed.Booleanfalse
Close TextSets the text to close button.String"Close [X]"
Waiting For CloseIf enabled, notify bar don't close until user presses the close button.Booleantrue
PositionSet the position of notify bar. Possible values are top, bottom.string"top"

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