Art Frontpage Slideshow

Art Frontpage Slideshow is a smart image slideshow for Joomla! that attracts visitors by displaying images of featured products and news using great transition effects.


Install the extension using standard Joomla! installation procedure (Extensions -> Install/Uninstall).


Module Parameters
WidthThis is the pixel width. Please write as raw integer (i.e. width="400")
HeightThis is the pixel height. Please write as raw integer (i.e. height="300")
Images PathThe relative file path to your image (i.e. path="images/sampledata/homes")
Transition TypeSet the transition animation, select from over 55 transitions
SlideshowTurn slideshow on or off ('Yes' or 'No')
Show ButtonsDisplay the buttons or not ('Yes' or 'No')
Slide Time for SlideshowSet the transition time in milliseconds for the slideshow
SortSet the order of the images in slideshow by sorting ascending or descending

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