Art Easy Accordion

Art Easy Accordion is a fancy accordion for Joomla! content with slideshow.


Install the extension using standard Joomla! installation procedure (Extensions -> Install/Uninstall).


Module Parameters
Parameter Notes
Width Set the width of the accordion
Accordion Set the accordion style (style 1 or style 2)
Auto Start Decide whether to start automatically ('Yes' or 'No')
Slide Numbers Show slide nubmers ('Yes' or 'No')
Slide Interval Set the time interval for the slider in milliseconds
Load jQuery Library Yes or no, load jQuery or don't load if jQuery is already loaded into your webpage.
Load jQuery No Conflict Yes or no, load jQuery No Conflict or don't load.
Title for Slide 1 -10 Enter the title for each accordion slide.
Content for Slide 1 - 10 Enter the content for each accordion slide.

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