Art Table Art Table allows to show sortable, resizable tables with pagination from HTML tables, SQL queries and CSV files demo buy [$20]  
  • Supports 4 table types, each with its own functions and styles
  • Tables are sortable, resizable, filterable. Pagination support
  • Can show sortable grid from HTML table, CSV file, SQL query
  • Multiple databases are supported: you can easy get any data from various database types and show it in a nice grid: MySQL, MS SQL, Sqlite, Postgres and may others
  • Can display line, area, bar, column, pie charts from HTML table, CSV file or database. Charts are cross-browse and can be display in IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, etc.
  • Can generate Excel/XLS files from SQL query, working as SQL 2 Excel
  • Module comes with dozens of themes for Data Table
  • Can recognize links and images and show them in a table
  • No need in plugin codes or heavy configurations - user-friendly module will help you to set up the table you need
  • Easy to apply external and internal styles
  • Supports predefined parameters to passed to SQL query: USER_ID - currently user ID; ARTICLE_ID - current article ID