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Art Clock

Art Clock is free Joomla! extension that can be used to place clock on your pages.


Install the extension using standard Joomla! installation procedure (Extensions -> Install/Uninstall). After that you need to insert plugin code in the article where you want to add the clock.

Using the shortcode

{artclock seconds="{seconds}" radius="{radius-px}" skin="{skin-name}" GMTOffset="{offset}" /}
Shortcode Options
Option Type Notes
seconds integer Set this to 1 to show seconds or set this to 0 to hide seconds from clock. (i.e. seconds="1")
radius integer This is the pixel length you want to make the radius of the circle that will for your clock. Set this as a raw integer (i.e. radius="50" for a 50 pixel radius clock)
skin string The skin controls the look of the clock. The skins are listed: swissRail, chunkySwiss, chunkySwissOnBlack, fancy, machine, classic, modern, simple, securephp, Tes2, Lev, Sand, Sun, Tor, Cold, Babosa, Tumb, Stone, disc, mochaUI3.
GMTOffset string If you live in GMT +6 timezone you would use +6 here for this value. (i.e. GMTOffset="+6")

Shortcode Usage Examples

Location Skin Shortcode
London swissRail {artclock seconds="1" radius="50" skin="swissRail" /}
Paris chunkySwiss {artclock seconds="1" radius="50" skin="chunkySwiss" GMTOffset="+1" /}
Athens chunkySwissOnBlack {artclock seconds="1" radius="50" skin="chunkySwissOnBlack" GMTOffset="+2" /}
Kenya fancy {artclock seconds="0" radius="50" skin="fancy" GMTOffset="+3" /}
Moscow machine {artclock seconds="0" radius="50" skin="machine" GMTOffset="+4" /}
New Dehli classic {artclock seconds="0" radius="50" skin="classic" GMTOffset="+5" /}
Kathmandu modern {artclock seconds="0" radius="50" skin="modern" GMTOffset="+6" /}
Hong Kong simple {artclock seconds="0" radius="50" skin="simple" GMTOffset="+8" /}
Tokyo securephp {artclock seconds="1" radius="50" skin="securephp" GMTOffset="+9" /}
Guam Tes2 {artclock seconds="1" radius="50" skin="Tes2" GMTOffset="+10" /}
Sydney Lev {artclock seconds="1" radius="50" skin="Lev" GMTOffset="+11" /}
Fiji Sand {artclock seconds="1" radius="50" skin="Sand" GMTOffset="+12" /}
Brazil Sun {artclock seconds="1" radius="50" skin="Sun" GMTOffset="-3" /}
Caracas Tor {artclock seconds="0" radius="50" skin="Tor" GMTOffset="-4" /}
New York Cold {artclock seconds="1" radius="50" skin="Cold" GMTOffset="-5" /}
Dallas Babosa {artclock seconds="0" radius="50" skin="Babosa" GMTOffset="-6" /}
Phoenix Tumb {artclock seconds="0" radius="50" skin="Tumb" GMTOffset="-7" /}
Los Angeles Stone {artclock seconds="0" radius="50" skin="Stone" GMTOffset="-8" /}
Yukon Disc {artclock seconds="0" radius="50" skin="Disc" GMTOffset="-9" /}
Hawaii mochaUI3 {artclock seconds="1" radius="50" skin="mochaUI3" GMTOffset="-10" /}

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