Art Calendar

Art Calendar allows you to display a highly-configurable calendar and events. Add Google Calendar events to your calendar.

Creating a New Calendar


Click the blue "+new" button at top right of Art Calendar's Calendar administrator interface. Give the calendar a name.


Add a description, select which theme you'd like to use for this calendar and click the blue "Save" button at the bottom right. Your calendar has been created. For a full explanation of each calendar field please see the table below.

New Calendar Field Definitions

NameTextGive the calendar a name to help you remember it's purpose
PublishedToggleToggle the calendar published or unpublished
Show TitleToggleHide or display the title
Show ButtonsToggleHide or display the navigation buttons at top right of each calendar
Show TimeToggleHide or display the time anywhere dates are displayed
AccessSelectSet the access level that is required to see the calendar
Allow Front-End Event CreationToggleHide or display the create new event button on the front-end of the calendar
Allow Front-End Event EditingToggleHide or display the edit event link that appears on the bottom right of each event details modal on the front-end of the calendar
DescriptionTextareaDescribe the calendar to help you remember it's purpose
ThemeSelectDescribe the calendar to help you remember it's purpose
HeightTextEnter either "auto" (recommended) or use an integer pixel value (don't add px just use a raw integer)
Aspect RatioTextDetermines the width-to-height aspect ratio of the calendar.A calendar is a block-level element that fills its entire avaiable width. The calendar’s height, however, is determined by this ratio of width-to-height. (Hint: larger numbers make smaller heights). Entering a 2 in this field will initialize a calendar who's width is twice its height. Default is 1.35
Starting Day of WeekSelectChoose which day of the week will be the starting day in this calendar
Fixed WeeksToggleDetermines the number of weeks displayed in a month view. If true, the calendar will always be 6 weeks tall. If false, the calendar will have either 4, 5, or 6 weeks, depending on the month
Right to LeftToggleDisplays the calendar in right-to-left mode. This option is useful for right-to-left languages such as Arabic and Hebrew
WeekendsToggleWhether to include Saturday/Sunday columns in any of the calendar views
Time FormatSelectAM/PM or 24hr time
Google CalendarToggleTurn on or off Google Integration
Add your Google Calendar IDsMultiple TextAdd one or many Google Calendar IDs so that Google Calendar will know which calendars to get events data for. Hit the green "+" button next to the field to add more Google Calendar IDs. Note: for this integration to work you must also generate an Google Calendar API key and paste it into the Art Calendar Settings > APIs > Google Calendar API Key field. Read here for more about Google Calendar integration.