Art Feature Tour - Getting Started

Art Feature Tour

Art Feature Tour is a step by step guide and feature introduction tool for Joomla to give your users a 'tour' of areas of importance to your site or web app. Highlight navigation, action buttons and other parts of your site for increased user understanding of your product.


Install the extension using standard Joomla! installation procedure (Extensions -> Install/Uninstall).


Install the component and plugin using standard Joomla! installation procedure (Extensions -> Install/Uninstall).

The next step is to enable the plugin from the Plugin Manager.

After you have enabled the plugin, you will setup your Tours from the administrator component. The plugin will be responsible for rendering the tour and placing it on the correct page. All you have to do is create the Tour from your administrator component and the Art Feature Tour plugin will do the rest.

Creating a Tour - Basics

Field Notes
Name Please give your new Tour a name to differentiate it from the others
Type Select the type of Art Feature Tour to create. Different types create Feature Tours that look different and work different. We believe we have a Feature Tour for a wide variety of website use cases. Available types are Basic Box, Artsy Circle, Illumination and Technical.
Page Selection - Menu Select one of your menu's and the child menu items will appear in the menu items field
Page Selection - Menu Select a menu item - this is the menu item that will display your Art Feature Tour (as long as the html id's specified in your tour steps are present in the page and you don't have any Additional URL vars specified)
Additional URL vars Set specific url encoded vars here that can be used to further isolate where Art Feature Tour is displayed (I.E. option=com_content&view=article&id=49)
Display Select how to display Art Feature Tour on your selected page - if you select 1 day cookie, 7 day cookie, 14 day cookie, 30 day cookie, 60 day cookie or 90 day cookie then Art Feature Tour will set a cookie after a users has seen the Feature Tour for the first time. Users who have already seen the Feature Tour won't see a Feature Tour again until the cookie expires or they clear their browser cookies.
Access Set Joomla User Group That can see the Art Feature Tour
Description Write some words to describe the purpose of your Art Feature Tour

Creating a Tour - Tour Steps

Tour steps are the stops on your tour. The way this works is you enter the HTML id of each element where your tour will stop. Your instruction text will be shown in the tooltip box of each Tour Step. You can create as many Tour Steps as you would like.

Field Notes
Title Give each Tour Step a title - the title is not shown on the front end
HTML ID Enter the ID for the HTML element where you'd like your Tour to stop
Instructions Enter your text to be displayed in the Tour Step tooltip - it's best to get to the point here - make sure not to write too much information because the tooltip can only accomodate so much text