Art Sexy Lightbox

Art Sexy Lightbox is both a Joomla! plugin and module for displaying photos, galleries, external pages, Picasa album photos, Google Photos, Flickr photos, Photobucket, VirtueMart and any inline content with fancy lightbox effect.


Install the extension using standard Joomla! installation procedure (Extensions -> Install/Uninstall).


After that you need to insert plugin code in the article where you want to add the gallery.

Using the plugin shortcodes

{artsexylightbox param="paramvalue"}{/artsexylightbox}

use the {artsexylightbox} shortcode and add params like the above example. The params you can use on Art Sexy Lightbox are listed below:

Plugin Shortcode Params
Option Type Notes Usage Example
previewWidth integer This is the pixel width of the preview. Please write as raw integer (i.e. previewWidth="150") {artsexylightbox previewWidth="100"}{/artsexylightbox}
previewHeight integer This is the pixel height of the preview. Please write as raw integer (i.e. previewHeight="150") {artsexylightbox previewHeight="100"}{/artsexylightbox}
width integer This is the pixel width of the content inside lightbox. Please write as raw integer (i.e. width="500") {artsexylightbox width="500"}{/artsexylightbox}
height integer This is the pixel height of the content inside lightbox. Please write as raw integer (i.e. height="500") {artsexylightbox height="500"}{/artsexylightbox}
path string The relative path to your image folder. (i.e. images/sampledata/kids) {artsexylightbox path="images/your_image_path/"}{/artsexylightbox}
thumbnailPath string The relative path to a folder of your custom thumbnails {artsexylightbox thumbnailPath="images/your_thumb_image_path/"}{/artsexylightbox}
largeImagePath string The path to the large image {artsexylightbox largeImagePath="images/your_thumb_image_path/"}{/artsexylightbox}
autoGenerateThumbs boolean Auto generate thumbnails (true or false) {artsexylightbox autoGenerateThumbs="true"}{/artsexylightbox}
convertImage string Manipulate image thumbnails (crop, rotate:30) {artsexylightbox convertImage="crop"}{/artsexylightbox}
modal boolean Make the lightbox modal (true or false) {artsexylightbox modal="true"}{/artsexylightbox}
popup string Make the lightbox a popup (true or false) {artsexylightbox popup="true"}{/artsexylightbox}
text string The text that is clicked on to launch lightbox when using inline content {artsexylightbox text="Click here to launch Art Sexy Lightbox"}{/artsexylightbox}
title string The text that is used in the them HTML title attribute {artsexylightbox title="The title here"}{/artsexylightbox}
hideContent boolean true or false (i.e. hideContent="true") For use with inline content. {artsexylightbox hideContent="true"}{/artsexylightbox}
singleImage string The relative path to your image folder. (i.e. images/sampledata/kids) {artsexylightbox singleImage="images/sampledata/kids"}{/artsexylightbox}
showSingleImage boolean Show or don't show the the single image {artsexylightbox showSingleImage="true"}{/artsexylightbox}
link string The link url {artsexylightbox link=""}{/artsexylightbox}
numberOfImages integer The number of images to display {artsexylightbox numberOfImages="10"}{/artsexylightbox}
sort string asc or desc {artsexylightbox sort="asc"}{/artsexylightbox}
alt string The alt tag to be applied to HTML img {artsexylightbox alt="The alt tag here"}{/artsexylightbox}
caption string The caption for a single image {artsexylightbox cpation="the caption here"}{/artsexylightbox}
watermark string The watermark you want to use. {artsexylightbox watermark="images/path/to/watermark.jpg"}{/artsexylightbox}
watermarkPosition string topright, topleft, bottomright, bottomleft {artsexylightbox watermarkPosition="bottomright"}{/artsexylightbox}
loadJQuery boolean Load Art Sexy Lightbox included jQuery library (true or false) {artsexylightbox loadJQuery="true"}{/artsexylightbox}
noConflict boolean Add jQuery noConflict (true or false) {artsexylightbox noConflict="true"}{/artsexylightbox}
article integer ID of the article content {artsexylightbox article="1"}{/artsexylightbox}
category boolean ID of the article category {artsexylightbox category="1"}{/artsexylightbox}
articleContentOnly boolean Load article content only {artsexylightbox articleContentOnly="true"}{/artsexylightbox}
k2category boolean ID of the K2 category {artsexylightbox k2category="1"}{/artsexylightbox}
k2 boolean ID of the K2 item content {artsexylightbox k2="1"}{/artsexylightbox}
youtube string URL of the youtube video content {artsexylightbox youtube=""}{/artsexylightbox}
flickr boolean Your FLICKR_ID. {artsexylightbox flickr="YourFlickrID"}{/artsexylightbox}
flickrImage boolean A specific image from flickr {artsexylightbox flickrImage="FlickrImageId"}{/artsexylightbox}
flickrNumberOfImages integer The number of images to display {artsexylightbox flickrNumberOfImages="5"}{/artsexylightbox}
flickrApiKey string Your FLICKR_API_KEY. {artsexylightbox flickrApiKey="YourApiKey"}{/artsexylightbox}
flickrThumbSize integer Size of the flickr thumbs {artsexylightbox flickrThumbSize="100"}{/artsexylightbox}
flickrImageSize integer Size of the flickr image {artsexylightbox flickrImageSize="500"}{/artsexylightbox}
flickrLargeImages boolean true or false (i.e. flickrLargeImages="true") {artsexylightbox flickrLargeImages="true"}{/artsexylightbox}
flickrSmallThumbs boolean true or false (i.e. flickrSmallThumbs="true") {artsexylightbox flickrSmallThumbs="true"}{/artsexylightbox}
picasaUser string Your Picasa user {artsexylightbox picasaUser="YourPicasaUser"}{/artsexylightbox}
picasaAlbum string The picasa album to display {artsexylightbox picasaAlbum="YourPicasaAlbum"}{/artsexylightbox}
picasaImageSize integer The size of the picasa image {artsexylightbox picasaImageSize="500"}{/artsexylightbox}
picasaImage string A specific picasa image {artsexylightbox picasaImage="YourPicasaImage"}{/artsexylightbox}
picasaLargeImageSize integer Size of the large picasa image {artsexylightbox picasaLargeImageSize="800"}{/artsexylightbox}
picasaShowAlbumThumbs boolean Show all picasa thumbs (true or false) {artsexylightbox picasaShowAlbumThumbs="true"}{/artsexylightbox}
photobucket string photobucket to load {artsexylightbox photobucket="YourPhotobucketToLoad"}{/artsexylightbox}
autoCarousel boolean true or false {artsexylightbox autoCarousel="true"}{/artsexylightbox}
cloudCarousel boolean true or false {artsexylightbox cloudCarousel="true"}{/artsexylightbox}
containerWidth string Width of the carousel container {artsexylightbox containerWidth="750"}{/artsexylightbox}
containerHeight string Height of the carousel container {artsexylightbox containerHeight="750"}{/artsexylightbox}
titleBox string Title for the carousel {artsexylightbox titleBox="Title box text here"}{/artsexylightbox}
hideButtons boolean Hide the carousel buttons true or false {artsexylightbox hideButtons="true"}{/artsexylightbox}
awsAccessKey string Amazon Web Services access key {artsexylightbox}{/artsexylightbox}
awsSecretKey string Amazon Web Services secret key {artsexylightbox awsSecretKey="YourAmazonWebServiceSecretKey"}{/artsexylightbox}
awsBucket string Amazon Web Services bucket {artsexylightbox awsBucket="YourAmazonWebServiceBucket"}{/artsexylightbox}
awsFolder string Amazon Web Services folder {artsexylightbox awsFolder="YourAmazonWebServiceFolder"}{/artsexylightbox}
imgurClientId string Your imgur client id which you must get at Imgur Developer API website {artsexylightbox imgurClientId="YourImgurClientID"}{/artsexylightbox}
imgurAlbumId string Your imgur album id which you must get at Imgur's website {artsexylightbox imgurAlbumId="YourImgurAlbumID"}{/artsexylightbox}
instagramAccessToken string Your instagram access token which you must get at Instagram Developer API website {artsexylightbox instagramAccessToken="YourInstagramAccessToken"}{/artsexylightbox}
instagramUserId string The instagram user id which you would like to load pictures for {artsexylightbox instagramUserId="YourInstagramUserID"}{/artsexylightbox}
instagramTag string The instagram tag you'd like to load images for {artsexylightbox instagramTag="YourInstagramTag"}{/artsexylightbox}