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University Medical Search

Eric came to needing to search a normalized MSSQL database structure provided by a major university and display the search result information in a very specific manner according to the complex, professional standards of the medical field. We recommended that we build the needed functionality as a component with an administrator interface for managing search data and a front end interface so that doctors could search the data during their day to day work.

Testimonial from Eric

"I was tasked to connect to a robust data structure distributed between two different types of databases by a major educational institution in Chicago. I was struggling to find a way to get data from an mssql database to a joomla site running PHP on mysql.

I contacted Mike for some consultation which turned into a full scoped project with a custom joomla component and very well built user interface. I now consider Mike a part of my go to team on higher end database and joomla-specific custom integrations."

Eric Halloran

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