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Art Pretty Photo is a Joomla! extension to display images, galleries, videos and external pages in pretty highly customizable popup window.

    • Can display single images, image galleries, videos (youtube), external pages
    • Can display images from Flickr feed: {artprettyphoto flickr="FLICKR_USER" /}
    • Can display images from Flickr photo set: {artprettyphoto flickrApiKey="FLICKR_API_KEY" flickrNumberOfImages="25" flickr="FLICKR_USER" flickrSet="FLICKR_PHOTO_SET" flickrImageSize="o" /}. More information: How to get Flickr API key. How to find photo set id
    • Can display Picasa album: {artprettyphoto picasaUser="PICASA_USER" picasaAlbum="PICASA_ALBUM"/}.
    • Several configurable options: animation speed, allow resize, show title, etc.
    • 5 themes: light rounded or light square, dark rounded or dark square, facebook-style theme
    • Supports multiple galleries on the page
    • Easy to use plugin code for galleries: {artprettyphoto path="path_to_images_folder"/}
    • Easy to use plugin code for single images: {artprettyphoto padding="40" opacity="0.35" animationSpeed="normal" showTitle="1" allowresize="1" counter_separator_label="/" theme="dark_rounded" noConflict="1" /}
    • padding - Padding for each side of the picture. Example: 40
    • opacity - Popup opacity. Values: between 0 and 1
    • showTitle - Display title or not. Values: 1 (yes), 0 (no)
    • allowresize - Allow image resize or not. Values: 1 (yes), 0 (no)
    • animationSpeed - Speed of popup anumation. Values: slow, normal, fast
    • counter_separator_label - Label for counter separator, ex: 1 of 5
    • theme - Popup theme. Values: light_rounded, dark_rounded, light_square, dark_square, facebook
    • noConflict - JQuery noconflict. JQuery and mootools javascript libraries may conflict. Set this to true if you are using mootools library on the page. Values: 1 (yes), 0 (no)
    • social_tools - Show/hide social tools (twitter, facebook)
    • Once plugin code is placed in your article you can add popup functionality to any image, youtube video, flash or external page
    • Image: Picture 1 title
    • Youtube video: YouTube
    • Flash: Test movie
    • External page:

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