Art Timeline

Art Timeline
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1 Year

Art Timeline enables anyone to build visually rich, interactive timelines on their Joomla website. Load events from Art Timeline Administrator, Google Drive, Google Calendar or SQL Query.


Art Timeline's modern aesthetic will allow you to display a chronological sequence of events that your users will love.

Data Sources

Load timeline events from Art Timeline, Google Drive spreadsheet, Google Calendar or SQL Query.

Display Modes

Ultimate flexibility when you deploy a timline on your site using the component, module or plugin.


Beautifully designed administrator area for quick, easy and efficient management of timelines.


Create Templates to style your timeline and apply templates to both timelines and categories.


Our support staff can help you be it a simple configuration issue, fixing a bug or a new feature request.

Purchase Includes

  • - Art Timeline Component for Joomla - Display a customizable timeline
  • - Art Timeline Module for Joomla - Display a customizable timeline
  • - Art Timeline Plugin for Joomla - Display a customizable timeline
  • - Art Timeline Google Calendar Plugin - powers Google API integration for Art Timeline component and modules
  • Exclusive access to free, timely, hands on support via our Support Ticketing system.
  • 1 year of software upgrades!
  • Free, lifetime forum access

To install or upgrade your Art Timeline please install all Art Timeline extensions:,, and Enable both plugins via the plugin manager. To learn more please read the knowledgebase

Site Component, Module, Plugin Display - Screenshots

Admin Component - Screenshots

  • Timelines

    • Create highly-customizable timelines from the Art Timeline administrator
    • Google Calendar API Integration
    • Google Drive API Integration
    • Add template to timeline to control look and feel
    • Start timeline at first event (default chronological order)
    • Start timeline at last event
    • Start timeline at any specific event
    • Set timeline time scale - human or cosmological
    • The cosmological scale handles dates in the very distant past or future.
    • Add events to timeline from SQL Query
    • ACL support


    • Set timeline background color
    • Set event date color
    • Set event name color
    • Set event description color
    • Set event slidenav navigation color
    • Set event slidenav title color
    • Set event slidenav description color
    • Set timenav position - top or bottom
    • Set timenav height
    • Set optimal tick width
    • Set timenav height minimum
    • Set timenav height percentage
    • Set timenav mobile height percentage
    • Set marker height minimum
    • Set marker width minimum
    • Set marker padding
    • Set duration
    • Set event slide padding left & right


    • Eras can be used to define a period of time on a timeline
    • Add an era to a timeline
    • Set start date and end date


    • Load timeline events from Google Calendar API Integration
    • Load timeline events from Google Drive API Integration
    • Create events from Art Timeline Administrator UI
    • Associate event with a timeline
    • Add category to event items
    • Add media to event items
    • Set start and end date for event


    • Media can be added to an event for added visual effect
    • Media consists of a URL, Caption, Credit, Thumbnail
    • URL is the path to your media
    • Several different types of media can be used
    • Image - If your URL ends in jpg, gif, png or jpeg, it will be used as the source for an image tag
    • YouTube - Use the URL for the page of the vide
    • Vine - Use the URL for the page of the video
    • DailyMotion - Use the URL for the page of the video
    • Vimeo - Use the URL for the page of the video
    • SoundCloud - Use the URL for the SoundCloud clip page
    • Twitter - Use the the Twitter embed code, or the URL of the tweet's page
    • Google Maps - Use the URL for the Google Maps page
    • Google Plus - Use the URL for the Google Plus photo
    • Instagram - Use the URL for the Instagram photo's page
    • Flickr - Use the URL for the Flickr photo's page
    • Imgur - Use the URL for the Imgur photo's page
    • Document Cloud - Use the URL of the Document Cloud document's page
    • Wikipedia - Use the URL of the Wikipedia article's page
    • Storify - Use the URL of the Storify
    • iframe - Instead of a URL, you can use iframe markup
    • Blockquote - Instead of a URL, you can use blockquote tags around whatever text you want to quote
    • Embedly - If Art Timeline doesn't recognize your media URL, it will try to use to get the best thing to include on your slide


    • Add a template to a category
    • Customize the look of specific events by adding a category to an event
  • version 3.0.3

    • Add new datepicker with a year select allowing for easy navigation between hundreds of years

    version 3.0.2

    • Fix bug related to unpublished event still appearing on front-end

    version 3.0.1

    • Add feature to allows control of the height and width using the 'height' and 'width' parameters located in the Art Timeline Template

    version 3.0.0

    • Completely rewritten from previous version of 1.9.22
    • Migrated into MVC structure
    • Engineered for maximum usability with Joomla 3x
    • Updated Google Calendar integration to work with new Google Calendar API v2
    • Added UIKit library for smooth UI experience

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