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Art Modern Zoom
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1 Year

Art Modern Zoom is a plugin that can add a zoom in effect to your content. This is the perfect way to get a better look at an image or any other type of inline content on your Joomla site.

  • Use with image content or inline content
  • Easy to use and very flexible plugin shortcode
  • Control the zoom effect with precision using the following plugin parameters:
    • targetsize - zoomed size relative to the container element
    • scalemode - scale content to screen based on their size
    • duration - animation duration
    • easing - easing of animation, similar to css transition params
    • nativeanimation - use browser native animation in webkit, provides faster and nicer animations but on some older machines, the content that is zoomed may show up as pixelated
  • inline content usage example: {artmodernzoom}your inline content here{/artmodernzoom}
  • image content usage example: {artmodernzoom}{/artmodernzoom}