Art SQL to Anything

Art SQL to Anything
$20.00 each
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1 Year
1 Year

Art SQL to Anything is a tool used to generate Excel, Word, PDF, CSV files from SQL Queries.

    • Can generate PDF, Excel/XLS, Word/DOC, CSV files from SQL queries
    • Can retrieve data from Joomla! database or other databases
    • Simple and complex SQL queries are supported
    • The following database types are supported: fbsql, gladius, maxdb, msql, mssql, mssqlpro, mysql, mysqli, mysqlt, odbc, postgres, postgres64, postgres7, postgres8, sqlite, sqlitepro, sybase, sybase_ace. To work with some databasee appropriate php extension may need to be installed and enabled
    • List of Queries
    • Create query - use Joomla! database
    • Create query - use different database
    • Create query - list of possible database types
    • New file - PDF
    • New file - XLS
    • New file - DOC
    • New file - CSV
    • New file - use new query
    • Generated PDF file
    • generated XLS file
    • Generated DOC file
    • Generated CSV file
    • Generated PDF file - column width changes according to number of fields

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