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Art Table
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Art Table is a module allowing you to insert sortable, searchable tables, multiple types of data charts for easy data presentation from data sources such as HTML tables, SQL queries and CSV files.

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  • - Art Table Module for Joomla 3x
  • - Art Table: Data Table Plugin for Joomla 3x
  • - Art Table Module for Joomla 2.5
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NEW! Art Table - Data Table Plugin

Art Table now includes a plugin which is incredibly simple and allows you to wrap an HTML table on your site with the shortcode {arttable_datatable}your HTML table here{/arttable_datatable} and have it transformed into a elegant, dynamic sortable, paginated table.

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  • Display Tables

    Create sortable tables with paging, resizing and search filtering support, ability to retrieve data from various databases and show in a configurable grids. Display data from various sources like HTML table, SQL query, or CSV file.


    Display Charts & Graphs

    Easily create several different kinds of charts including line charts, bar charts and pie charts. Charts are supported by all major browsers. Display data from various sources like HTML table, SQL query, or CSV file.


    Multiple Types of Data Presentation

    Display data in multiple formats including Table Sorter, Sortable, Data table, HTML table and Chart. Can generate Excel files from SQL query. Each format has its own functions and styles.


    Multiple Databases Are Supported

    Select data from a variety of database types including MySQL, MySQLi, MSSQL, Sqlite, PostgreSQL, FBSQL, Gladius, MaxDB, MSQL, MSSQLPO, MySQLt, ODBC, and Sybase.



    Multiple themes available for Data Table and it's easy to apply external and internal styles to Art Table. Links and images can be easily recognized and shown in a table.


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