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  Monday, 15 January 2018
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With the old Art Data Table (Circa Joomla 1.5), I could place {artdata} tags around an article HTML table and it would transform the table into a Javascript Clickable Grid. My site depends on this functionality because I use another plug-in that dynamically generates the HTML table then I transform that table into a sortable table using {artdatatable}.

From what I can gather from the documentation I've been able to find, the new Art Data Table does not work the same way. It looks like I must create a template then manually copy the HTML table into the Art Data template. If this is true, then I am concerned that this will not work because the HTML table is generated dynamically and I do not believe ArtData will have visibility to the dynamic HTML table that is in the article.

So, the questions are:
1) Does Art Data Table's Joomla Content Plug-in still allow me to surround an article's HTML table with {artdatatable} tags and transform a table that is within an article; or
2) Is there a way that I can dynamically pass in my source (other than via SQL query or CSV) in a way that would allow me to achieve the same effect?

Bruce Decker,
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