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  Sunday, 15 March 2015
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We have migrated all posts from the old Kunena forum to a new Q&A type platform. We're still cleaning up posts and marking things as resolved for the old stuff. We understand this will take some getting used to, but we feel this is a better option in combination with our new support tickets for commercial extensions.

The "Do" List:
  • Do search for a similar issue to see if there's an answer to your question.
  • Do place your question in the appropriate category. If we don't know what you're asking about, we can't help you.
  • Do be specific with your question titles. For example: "Art Sexy Lightbox" might tell us the extension, but doesn't tell us the issue. However, "Art Sexy Lightbox links opening in new tab instead of lightbox" tells us everything. This will help future searches with the same issue as well.
  • Do be patient. We maintain the forums as a courtesy.
  • Do help each other when you can. If you know the answer to someone's question, please feel free to offer a solution.
  • Do select an answer to your question if your issue has been resolved. This highlights the correct answer and moves it up below the question, making it easier to see solutions.

The "Don't" List:
  • Don't revive old threads. Chances are the version has long since changed. Besides...necromancy is an evil thing.
  • Don't post questions not related to the original question in the same thread.
  • Don't spam the forums. Seriously, does anyone actually click the link to buy fake Louis Vuitton bags from a spammy thread? Besides, I don't want to have to exercise the Ban Hammer. It's not fun for anyone.
  • Don't post your Site Details in the tab unless we ask for them. Most issues can be solved without going that far and it's always better to be safe. However, please know that no one can see your Site Details other than you and the Administrators.
  • Don't ask us to support out-of-date Joomla versions. If Joomla is no longer supporting a version, then you need to update your site because you're a hack waiting to happen.

We're happy to help where and when we can. If you have purchased an extension from us, please use the "Submit a Support Ticket" link found under the Support section in the menu.

If your question has been answered, please choose "Accept as Answer" on the correct post and/or mark your question as Resolved.

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