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  1. F. Jongbloets
  2. Art Table
  3. Thursday, 04 December 2014

Just started out using ArtData, trying to get some data from my Joomla database using ArtSqlTable. I took this demo sql from your website:

{artsqltable query="SELECT name, element, ordering from eacw_extensions" headerNames="Name, Element, Ordering" headers="name,element,ordering"} {/artsqltable}

On my page, I just see this code as quoted above, no data is being fetched and/or rendered. I checked this forum and found some warnings about WYSIWYG editors so I tried again without an editor. Still the same results.

Also I checked if the plugin is enabled. In the Joomla core plugin manager I could not find any Art plugins, so I turned to the component instead. According to the settings in the component I would say that the plugin is enabled ok.

I hope that my installation is correct. When unzipping the package I found 4 files:





I installed both and, hope this is correct on a Jomla 3.3.6 site.

Kind regards, Frits


Edit: after ArtSqlTable I tried Art Simple Graph which also only rendered the code in the front end. I must be doing something wrong, hope you can point out what it is. If needed I can provide you with login details, provided that this can be secure.

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