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  1. Ron Salmon
  2. Art Org Chart
  3. Tuesday, 12 March 2013
Hi, your extension states in it\'s descripton:
Single or multiple parent items possible
, however I cannot find a way of doing this. When selecting a parent, I am only able to choose one item from the menu, perhaps a multi selct list would help?

I checked out your demo the example doesn\'t show this feature.

I need to be able to have multiple parents for several Positions in my org chart, as some report to more than one person/manager in the hierachy.

Also, some positions have mroe than one person employed in that job, and I want to have the Title followed by each person\'s name, with each name being a hyperlink to CB\'s user profile. Currently putting the url to the profile in the url box turns the whole title/name into one url.

I did try adding the whole href url after the title and this created a title + a linked name, however after a while this seemed to break the page, and that org chart would not display any of the items - just the chart description.

If you could help out, I\'d appreciate it.

Just quickly I\'ve noticed a few posts here where you have emailed updates or edits for css, and some of that would have been really helpful if posted in the replies. Cheers.