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  1. Bradford Bright
  2. Art Data
  3. Friday, 30 March 2012

I\'m trying to connect to a SQL Server database on MS Server 2008 R2 with PHP 5.3.1. PHP 5.3.1 does not have a mssql driver so I cannot use that connection type. It does have a sqlsrv driver, which I\'m able to use in a direct PHP connection to reach the database. However, ArtData does not support sqlsrv at this time.

I\'m also able to reach the SQL Server with odbc, but ArtsData does not allow me to enter an odbc DNS or driver such as {SQL Native 10.0}. Consequently, I cannot connection to my SQL database by either odbc or sqlsrv.

I\'ve been trying to get this working for a couple of days now, any help would be appreciated. Thanks