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Preparing to Speak at a Conference

Don't let anyone tell you that you are too inexperienced to speak at a conference – everyone has something to share. Do you really think that people were born as speakers – everyone has to speak for the first time. The thought of speaking in front of an audience can be scary even for experienced speakers. It requires a lot of planning, preparation and practice – don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

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Upcoming Joomla Events March/April 2015

joomla rug
There are several Joomla Events throughout the next few months. Hopefully there’s an event near you to help you connect and do more with Joomla. Joomla! User Group (JUG) meetings and JoomlaDays are intended for everyone from casual users to core developers. Visit the Joomla! Events site to browse all events, submit an event or learn how to organize your own event.

JoomlaDay South Africa is scheduled for March 6th and 7th at The Kelway Hotel. Rates are fair and organizers suggest registering early to avoid missing out. There are only a few days remaining to register for JoomlaDay Port Elizabeth. Learn more.

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WordPress to Joomla Migration Checklist

If you're planning to migrate your WordPress website to Joomla for the wide range of features Joomla allows, here's what to keep in mind as you map out the process.

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Revealing Joomla’s SEO Secrets - Redirect Manager (com_redirect)



One of the hidden gems which appeared with the 1.6 version of Joomla is the Redirect Manager - a simple system which allows you to identify and fix broken links. Before the Redirect Manager was introduced, the only way to find and fix broken URLs was to use a third party extension, an SEO scraper such as Screaming Frog, or looking in your server logs. Now it's possible to identify and manage broken links within the administrator panel of your Joomla website.

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Summary of Joomla! Workshop at Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Joomla! User Network Ahmedabad (JUG Ahmedabad) co-organized a Joomla Workshop with Ahmedabad University. By doing this workshop our goal was to help university students learn and make Joomla learning easier for them, which they never expected. We hosted this workshop at an Ahmedabad University class room, with 26 students and faculty participating.The Plan

The plan was to start with our Joomla! CMS Awareness and outreach programme of JUG Ahmedabad. The day when I registered this Joomla User Network Ahmedabad officially on Joomla Groups, I had only one thing in my mind... in Ahmedabad, there is no active community or any activity for Joomla and PHP, where so many companies mainly work in Joomla!. When I was an engineering student, it wasn't until I got training in company that I really became aware of PHP or Joomla, or any other open source technology, because of the lack of exposure in our colleges. Here was my idea... I thought that with JUG Ahmedabad, I could help students, so we started this programme.

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Interview: Alex de Borba

On January 6th, I saw an interesting post on the Joomla Facebook group from Alex de Borba that began, "Let's start something different, shall we?". Alex was offering his help for anyone who had a question about Joomla. I read through the comments and was extremely impressed with his courteous, helpful and well-written replies. I asked him to get in touch with me if he would be interested in writing for the JCM. He did. Here is the interview I had with Alex, a bit long, but very informative. I look forward to his future articles.

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Upcoming Joomla Events - February/March 2015

Joomla Events abound in February and March with meetings scheduled in Europe, Africa, South America and North America. Joomla! User Group (JUG) meetings and JoomlaDays are intended for everyone from casual users to core developers. Visit the Joomla! Events site to browse all events, submit an event or learn how to organize your own event.

The Berlin JUG invites all Joomla users to participate in an exchange of ideas. The Berlin JUG is a group of Joomla enthusiasts including web developers, web designers and end users who use Joomla personally or professionally. This event is open to all Joomla users and is always free to attend. Learn more.

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Notable Technical Women Card Decks

Click to enlarge image Emerging-Leaders-Cards5-300x300.jpg
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Click to enlarge image Notable-Women-in-CS-Cards1-500x500.jpg
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Last October, Sarah Watz and I represented Joomla at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing at Phoenix, Arizona.  A few booths down from our position was Duke University, which was launching a Kickstarter campaign to create a card deck and poster showcasing notable women in computing throughout the ages, it was fully funded within days, eventually closing at $15,010, 500% of its target. The card decks were also sent out to over 500 educators from around the world - people backing the project could opt for a 'get one, give one' option which sent a pack to an educator in additon to them receiving their own pack - and the project has continued to grow, now including daughter projects featuring upcoming leaders in the Middle East & Africa.

From its initial launch at Grace Hopper, the team behind the project was overwhelmed with interest, as educators from around the world began to receive their card decks and posters and share them on social media.

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Celebrate Pi Day at JoomlaDay Boston!

I love organizing events... I'm a member the Joomla Events Team and the Joomla World Conference Team. My favorite event is, of course, JoomlaDay Boston which is happening on March 14th and 15th!

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Open Source Initiative Membership Drive

The Open Source Initiative

February, 3rd, 2015 marks the 17th anniversary of the Open Source Initiative (OSI).

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