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Art Sexy Lightbox v2.1.0 - jQuery updated for better J3x experience

Art Sexy Lightbox v2.1.0 - jQuery updated for better J3x experience

Starting with Joomla 3 it was decided that jQuery was going to be included in the core much like mootools was included in the core in past versions of Joomla. Many hailed this as a great decision (including myself) due to jQuery’s great features and it’s widespread use on some of the biggest websites in the world.

However having Joomla's core load jQuery can cause problems for some sites that are using extensions that run on slightly older versions of jQuery than what is loaded by Joomla (which is often the newest stable version). This is the case with Art Sexy Lightbox. It seems Joomla 3's core jQuery has caused some Art Sexy Lightbox users to have problems. Art Sexy Lightbox v2.1.0 addresses and fixes jQuery errors that users of previous versions may have experienced using Art Sexy Lightbox on Joomla 3.

We would love to get some feedback from Art Sexy Lightbox users about your experience using the Art Sexy Lightbox software. If you're currently using the software or you have used it in the past, please contact us and let us know what you like about the software, what you didn't like or any features you would like to see integrated into future versions of Art Sexy Lightbox.

If you're a user of Art Sexy Lightbox please visit here to purchase the newest version of the software and here to demo the latest version of the software.

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