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Acces to forum posts and extension downloads

Hello Everyone, We wanted to first say thank you to all of our users for their support of exensions. Many of you have emailed about not being able to read the forum threads for certain extensions you may have purchased or downloaded for free in the past. We want to explain the reason for this.

All of our extensions have a 3 month membership attached starting when you sign up. You can download your extension and access the forum for your downloaded extension during your 3 month membership. After your three month membership lapses your on site privileges with regard to the extension you signed up for will expire. To regain access to the forum and your downloads for a particular extension, simply add the extension to your cart and proceed to checkout. This will renew your membership. This is easy if you're downloading a free extension. If you need to redownload a paid extension that you bought in the past then you must purchase the lastest version by adding it to your cart and proceeding to checkout.

Many of our loyal customers in the past have emailed about needing to upgrade to the newest version of a paid extension and we are known for granting coupon codes to inquiring, loyal customers. Hint hint.

Another benefit of having an active, paid extension membership is access to submit a support ticket. Anytime you have a problem our support team will be at your side to assist you in issues you may have with implementation and normal use of our paid software products. Free users can't submit a support but ticket but they are welcome to send us an email if they have issues and we will be happy help if our time permits. However, our main focus is on our paid customers and they always have priority when it comes to handling support requests.

Thanks everyone and have a wonderful day.

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