Art Sexy Lightbox

Art Sexy Lightbox Joomla popup for photos, galleries, external pages, Picasa album photos, Flickr photos, Photobucket, Virtue Mart and any inline content.

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  • Can display photos, photo groups, external pages, Flickr photos, Picasa albums, inline content with fancy lightbox effect
  • 6 themes: black, white, new_black, new_white, spanish_black, spanish_white
  • User-friendly - comes as: highly-configurable module - select attributes you need and your gallery is ready - view screenshots here customizable plugin - for embedding the gallery in article and tweaking it for your needs with simple plugin code
  • Can display photos from local folder - demo
  • Can display Flickr photos - demo
  • Can display Flickr photo sets (requires Flickr API) - demo
  • Can display Photobucket albums
  • Can display Picasa album photos - demo
  • Can display external pages, K2 items and articles in a lightbox - demo
  • Can display videos: youtube, vimeo
  • Can list articles from specified category or K2 category
  • Can show gallery from remote images (requires additional file to placed on that server)
  • Supports multiple galleries on the page - demo
  • Carousel/Image slider option - demo
  • Cloud Carousel - autorotation of images, image reflection - demo
  • Can display news and articles in a fancy way - demo
  • Several customizable properties
  • Can be modal or not
  • Can use folder path to build gallery from images in the folder/can use use path to thumbnails
  • Supports sorting of images in ascending/descending order
  • Thumbnails can be taken from specific folder or generated by changing image dimensions with saving aspect ratio. Thumbnails can be resized, cropped, cropped & resized to fit your needs. Thumbnails can be rotated - demo
  • Can show single thumbnail which when clicked will show full gallery
  • Can show specified number of images from local folder
  • Can render Joomla! modules in a lightbox
  • Can display inline content: wrap content with plugin code and use singleImage or singleText attributes to show the link or thumbnails
  • Automatically adds descriptions for Flickr images. Descriptions for images from local folder can be added by placing artsexylightbox.txt file to image folder
  • Comes with flypage for Virtue Mart so you can easily show your products with sexy lightbox effect
  • Slideshow support
  • w3c compliant
  • Internationalization support
  • Comes with HTML module - this is experimental
  • alt tags are automatically generated
  • Can show download link in a lightbox
  • This is evolving extension, we frequently add new functionality per customer requests
  • Fast and reliable support - contact us in case of any issues or if you would like to see some new functionality in this extension
  • Strong community. Don't limit your fantasy, join thousands of happy customers
  • documentation in PDF format

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