This is help page for Art Calendar Joomla! extension.

  • Art Calendar Component description
    Art Calendar component allows display highly-configurable calendars and their events.

  • First steps with Art Calendar component
    After Art Calendar component is installed it is possible to use it in Components -> Art Calendar menu section.

  • Creating calendars
    Go to Components -> Art Calendar -> Calendars to manage calendars. Using this view administrator can publish/unpublish, create, edit, delete calendars. If calendar is unpublished it cannot be viewed on front-end.

    Using 'New' button administrator can create new calendar. Calendar can either contain events or can be created from Google Calendar.

    Calendars and their events can also be created from articles using category and section id. This can be done on Settings page.

  • Creating events
    Once calendar is created administrator can add new events. Go to Components -> Art Calendar -> Events to manage events. Administrator can create, edit, remove events here. Each event should have title, start date and must be assigned to calendar. Description, end date, CSS class and URL are optional.

  • Settings
    Using Components -> Art Calendar -> Settings page administrator can manage common settings:
    • Month names
    • Day names
    • Custom Javascript code to be executed on page load
    • Error messages text
    • Create calendars from articles
    • Other settings

  • Creating calendar from Google Calendar
    To create calendar from Google Calendar follow the steps below:
    • Make you Google Calendar public. Make sure "Share only my free/busy information" is unchecked.
    • Obtain your calendar's XML feed URL.
    • Enter this URL as Google Calendar Link while creating new calendar.

  • Displaying calendar on front-end
    To display list of calendars on front-end administrator should create menu item that points to Art Calendar component.

    This url can be used to display list of available calendars: index.php?option=com_artcalendar

    This url can be used to display single calendar: index.php?calendarid=ID&option=com_artcalendar, where ID is calendar id.

  • Upgrading Art Calendar
    To upgrade Art Calendar extension to newer version, uninstall old and install new version of component using standard Joomla! procedures. Calendar-related data in database will remain untouched.

  • Contacts, questions and issues
    Please visit for component demo, upgrades or if you have questions. There are other nice Joomla! extensions available.