Art Sexy Lightbox - Joomla! popup for images, galleries, inline content, Flickr and Picasa photos

Art Sexy Lightbox is Joomla! popup for photos, galleries, external pages, Flickr photos and inline content

  • Can display photos, photo groups, external pages, Flickr photos, Picasa albums, Photobucket images, Virtue Mart products, inline content
  • 6 themes: black, white, new_black, new_white, spanish_black, spanish_white
  • User-friendly - comes as:
    • highly-configurable module - select attributes you need and your gallery is ready - view screenshots here
    • customizable plugin - for embedding the gallery in article and tweaking it for your needs with simple plugin code
  • Several customizable properties
  • Can be modal or not: use modal="true" attribute
  • Can use folder path to build gallery from images in the folder/can use use path to thumbnails: attributes path and thumbnailPath
  • Can use Flickr user id to build gallery from Flickr photos: attribute flickr
  • Can display Flickr photo feeds (requires Flickr API): attributes flickrApiKey and flickrSet
  • Can display Picasa album photos: attributes picasaUser and picasaAlbum
  • Can display Photobucket albums: attribute photobucket
  • Can show articles, K2 items, external links in a lightbox
  • Can show gallery from remote images (requires additional file to placed on that server): attribute remoteDirListing, place imglist.php to the image folder on remote server
  • Supports multiple galleries on the page
  • Supports sorting of images in ascending/descending order: attribute sort="asc"
  • Thumbnails can be taken from specific folder or generated by changing image dimensions with saving aspect ratio. Thumbnails can be rotated, resized, cropped, cropped & resized to fit your needs: attributes autoGenerateThumbs="true", convertImage="resize": demo here
  • Can show single thumbnail which when clicked will show full gallery: attribute singleImage="images/img1.jpg"
  • Can show only thumbnails without lightbox effect: attribute popup="false"
  • Slideshow effect: attribute slideshow="3000" to go to the next image each 3 seconds
  • previewWidth and previewheight attributes set the dimensions of images. With autoGenerateThumbs="true" thumbnails can be generated with saving aspect ratio
  • Can show specified number of images from local folder: attribute numberOfImages
  • Can display inline content: wrap content with plugin code and use singleImage or singleText attributes to show the link or thumbnails
  • Automatically adds descriptions for Flickr images. Descriptions for images from local folder can be added by placing artsexylightbox.txt file to image folder
  • Comes with flypage for Virtue Mart so you can easily show your products with sexy lightbox effect
  • w3c compliant
  • alt tags are automatically generated
  • Can show download link in a lightbox: use downloadLink="true" attribute
  • documentation in PDF format

Demo [all images are here just for demonstration, they are taken from]:

Demo 2 - Gallery [all images are here just for demonstration, they are taken from]:

{artsexylightbox path="images/my_images"}{/artsexylightbox}

Demo 3 with white theme, other themes: black, white, new_black, new_white, spanish_black, spanish_white

Demo 4 - Flickr

Demo 5 - Displaying Flickr photo set

Demo 6 - Usage examples

Demo 7 - External page demo

Demo 8 - News demo

Demo 9 - Carousel/Image slider

Demo 10 - Image manipulation: rotate, resize, crop

Demo 11 - Picasa Gallery

Demo 12 - Cloud Carousel

Art Sexy Lightbox module screenshots - no need in plugin code. Configure your extension with user-friendly module!

  • path - path to images folder to build gallery from
  • pattern - pattern to include appropriate image filenames only
  • flickr - Flickr id or comma-separated ids to build gallery from
  • article - ID of the article to show in a lightbox
  • k2 - ID of the K2 item to show in a lightbox
  • link - URL of the page to show in a lightbox
  • color - 6 themes: black, white, new_black, new_white, spanish_black, spanish_white
  • previewWidth, previewHeight - width and height of generated image preview
  • modal - should popup be modal or not
  • showDuration - show duration speed
  • showEffect - show effect. Default: linear
  • closeDuration - close duration speed
  • closeEffect - close effect. Default: linear
  • moveDuration, resizeDuration - move and resize durations
  • moveEffect, resizeEffect - move and resize effects. Default: easeOutBack
  • noConflict - set to true if you are using mootools javascript library on page (to avoid jQuery and Mootools conflict)
  • thumbnailPath - path to thumbnails folder
  • flickrSmallThumbs - should small thumbnails of Flickr images be displayed. Values: true, false
  • flickrLargeImages - should large Flickr images be displayed. Values: true, false
  • flickrNumberOfImages - number of images to display from Flickr feed. Default: 20
  • singleImage - single image to display as thimbnail. When this thumbnail is clicked whole gallery is displayed
  • flickrApiKey - API key for displaying photo sets from Flickr
  • flickrSet - Flickr photo set id to display
  • flickrThumbSize - thumbnail size for Flickr photo set. Values: 's' (small), 't' (tiny), 'm' (medium)
  • flickrImageSize - image size for Flickr photo set. Values: 'm' (medium), 'b' (big), 'o' (original)
  • picasaUser, picasaAlbum - Picasa user and album
  • thumbnailPreviewCount - number of thumbnails to show by default. When thumbnails are clicked whole gallery is displayed
  • singleText - text for gallery link. When this link is clicked whole gallery is displayed
  • numberOfImages - number of images from local folder to be shown in gallery
  • hideContent - hide inline content on page. Default: false
  • autoGenerateThumbs - this will autogenerate and cache thumbnails from full-sized images. Can save aspect ratio for images. Either previewWidth or previewHeight parameters is needed for this. Default: false
  • cloudCarousel - show images using cloud carousel (image reflection, autorotate, etc.) - Demo 12 - Cloud Carousel