Art Pretty Photo - Joomla! extension to display images/galleries/videos/external pages/Flickr/Picasa in pretty highly customizable popup window.

Art PrettyPhoto is Joomla! extension to display various content in pretty popup.

  • Can display single images, image galleries, videos (youtube), external pages
  • Can display images from Flickr feed: {artprettyphoto flickr="FLICKR_USER" /}
  • Can display images from Flickr photo set: {artprettyphoto flickrApiKey="FLICKR_API_KEY" flickrNumberOfImages="25" flickr="FLICKR_USER" flickrSet="FLICKR_PHOTO_SET" flickrImageSize="o" /}. More information: How to get Flickr API key. How to find photo set id
  • Can display Picasa album: {artprettyphoto picasaUser="PICASA_USER" picasaAlbum="PICASA_ALBUM"/}. Demo
  • Several configurable options: animation speed, allow resize, show title, etc.
  • 5 themes: light rounded or light square, dark rounded or dark square, facebook-style theme
  • Supports multiple galleries on the page
  • Easy to use plugin code for galleries: {artprettyphoto path="path_to_images_folder"/}
  • Easy to use plugin code for single images: {artprettyphoto padding="40" opacity="0.35" animationSpeed="normal" showTitle="1" allowresize="1" counter_separator_label="/" theme="dark_rounded" noConflict="1" /} where
    • padding - Padding for each side of the picture. Example: 40
    • opacity - Popup opacity. Values: between 0 and 1
    • showTitle - Display title or not. Values: 1 (yes), 0 (no)
    • allowresize - Allow image resize or not. Values: 1 (yes), 0 (no)
    • animationSpeed - Speed of popup anumation. Values: slow, normal, fast
    • counter_separator_label - Label for counter separator, ex: 1 of 5
    • theme - Popup theme. Values: light_rounded, dark_rounded, light_square, dark_square, facebook
    • noConflict - JQuery noconflict. JQuery and mootools javascript libraries may conflict. Set this to true if you are using mootools library on the page. Values: 1 (yes), 0 (no)
    • social_tools - Show/hide social tools (twitter, facebook)

Demo 1 - Displaying images from folder. Thumbnails are just the same images of smaller size.
Plugin code: {artprettyphoto path="images/img_folder" width="100" height="100" /}


Demo 2 - Displaying images from folder. Thumbnails are taken from another folder.
Plugin code: {artprettyphoto path="images/img_folder" thumbnailPath="images/thumb_folder"/}


Demo 3 - External Content.

Plugin code: <a href="" rel="prettyPhoto[iframes]"></a>{artprettyphoto /}


Demo 4 - Youtube example.

Plugin code: <a href="" rel="prettyPhoto[flash]" title=""><img src="/images/logo.png" alt="YouTube" width="60" /></a>{artprettyphoto /}

youtube video example

Demo 5 - Displaying images from Flickr. Showing small thumbnails and large image popups.
Plugin code: {artprettyphoto flickr="25357685@N04" flickrSmallThumbs="true" flickrLargeImages="true" /}

DSC_2766XiDrum Tower, XiTerracotta Warriors, ChinaBell Tower, XiGreat Mosque, XiSwedenSouth Island, New ZealandAustraliaAustraliaAustraliaMoeraki Boulders, New ZealandQueenstown, New ZealandBundeena, AustraliaBundeena, AustraliaStockton Sand Dunes, AustraliaDachau, GermanyMunich, GermanySalzburg, AustriaMount Titlis, Switzerland
Once plugin code is placed in your article you can add popup functionality to any image, youtube video, flash or external page:
  • Image: <a href="/images/fullscreen/1.jpg" rel="prettyPhoto" title="Description"><img src="/images1.jpg" alt="Picture 1 title" /></a>
  • Youtube video: <a href="" rel="prettyPhoto[flash]" title=""><img src="/images/logo.png" alt="YouTube" width="60" /></a>
  • Flash: <a href="" rel="prettyPhoto[flash]" title="Test movie"><img src="/images/logo.png" width="60" alt="Test movie" /></a>
  • External page: <a href="" rel="prettyPhoto[iframes]"></a>